Are you dreaming of growing colorful succulents?

Then, It is time you discover the SECRET!

Beautifully Stressed workshop is a 2.5-hour total easy-to-follow self-paced workshop conducted by Theresa Ebro

of Chopstick and Succulents.

This workshop is packed with visual examples to help you understand better and learn faster.

how to grow colorful succulents

Let's face it...buying colorful succulents and seeing them revert to green is very frustrating

Watching them get sunburned in our attempts to show some pretty colors is heartbreaking!

But, there is a safe and easy way to achieve their most beautiful state.

And you don't need to put their lives at risk.

If you live in a location with an abundance of sunlight, chances are, you might be living in a location where you can grow colorful succulents too! You just need to figure out the techniques and adjust your care.

Color Your World With Succulents

The environment where you are growing these plants greatly influences your success.

You might be living in a location where you are capable of achieving the vibrant colors of succulents, but not knowing how to do it, prevents you from achieving that result.

If your neighbors can grow colorful succulents...

If your local nurseries can grow colorful succulents...

chances are, you can grow them too!

Take Your Hobby To The Next Level

In this workshop:

🌵You'll understand what triggers these plants to change colors

🌵Learn to create your soil mixture based on the species you have and the environment you are growing them

🌵Find out the watering techniques that will trigger the change of their colors

🌵Know how to find the perfect spot so your plants can achieve their best

🌵Learn how to transition your plants without damaging them

🌵Discover tips and tricks you have not heard of yet


Tested and proven results...

Colorful succulents

I Thought It Was Not Possible

I used to dream of growing colorful succulents. I thought it's not possible to achieve it in my location.

After religiously following Theresa's advice, I was able to achieve success in growing vibrantly-colored succulents.

Sol Rañola Lastimado


I Now Grow A Lot Of Colorful Succulents

I've been gardening for more than 50 years. I transitioned to succulents because of their being low-maintenance. For some reason, I couldn't figure out how to keep them healthy and happy. They either elongate or turn mushy.

After applying the techniques I've learned from Chopstick and Succulents, I not only successfully grow them, but now I'm also able to grow a lot of colorful varieties too!

Mela Palacios


They No Longer Revert To Green

I have access to a lot of local nurseries selling colorful succulents. But after several days of bringing them home, their color slowly fades back to green. Despite placing them in full sun and not watering, I still could not figure out how to keep their colors.

Theresa's advice on caring for succulents and tricks on how to achieve and keep their colors make sense!

Now, I can keep the vibrant colors of my succulents.

Brenda Sendin

Long Beach, California

One of The Best-Value Purchases I've Made

My passion/addiction ❤️for succulents only started in August 2020. Since then, I’ve learned a lot mostly from watching Theresa Ebro’s videos & from the generous tips of Chopstick And Succulents Global👍🏼 members. 😍

So when Theresa dropped her comprehensive course “Beautifully Stressed,” my first reaction was, “Wait, what?! There’s more to know?!” Of course, I enrolled the first day😜!

It’s one of the best-value purchases I’ve made.🥰 It’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to having a one-on-one session with her. Just when I thought I knew a lot already, Theresa drops these little nuggets of wisdom, these priceless tips that —now that I know it — makes sense of a lot of things👍🏼. Lesson after lesson, it’s like gaining valuable insights, some of which, you’d probably figure out yourself— after months or even years of trial & error.

And that’s the thing. You earn valuable time by knowing what to do, or at least what to do next when things don’t work out.

Just a caveat, do the course in sequence. It builds on top of each other. Just when you have a question, the next lesson answers it. I truly enjoyed watching the lessons, and the visuals are great!💕 🌵

Thank you so much Theresa Ebro❤️, the course is a gift I give myself. And what I learn, I will pass it forward. To help another who’s passionate about succulents❤️. Just like what you’re doing.💕

Ana Concon Fitzgerald


Full Of Wisdom From An Expert's Experience

I am enjoying the course at my own pacing. So many affirmations for me and I’m gaining more confidence in what I’m doing. Yet, there are lots of secret doors unlocked in every course.

Also, it is full of wisdom from an expert’s experience and very factual, I couldn’t go wrong.

In addition, the fact that I acted out right away so I could apply her teachings, make me feel I’m in good hands being enrolled on a course where my plants are the subjects.

For me, the motivation to apply these teachings right away is very intense. To act right away is the best result I am benefiting from the course. And guess what? I am enjoining everything about it and I believe my plants will be happier too!

Corazon Talam Kato


Example Curriculum

  Welcome To The Course!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  All About Succulents
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Important Tips On Buying And Planting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The Soil And Containers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  All About Watering
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sunlight And Acclimatization
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

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