From A Confused Beginner To A Confident Succulent Gardener

As a beginner, you might find growing succulents a bit confusing, and I completely understand because I've been in your shoes before.

When I started growing succulents, I did not have much idea of the kinds of plants I was dealing with. 

All I knew was that... they are all living plants and of course, to keep them alive, I need to give them water.

But when I killed some of my succulents when I watered for the first time, I was puzzled.

There's so much conflicting information online about these plants— from watering to creating the soil mixture and even identifying their names.

Unfortunately, being good with plants does not guarantee one’s success in growing them. 

In fact, I knew a couple of well-experienced gardeners who had a hard time when they first started with succulents. 

One of them was a nursery owner with more than 40 years of experience growing plants. He said that when he started with succulents, he had a hard time because they are not like the plants he is used to.

Another one is my aunt. She’s been gardening for 60 plus years. She often overwater her succulents and could not figure out what to do to keep most of them alive.

So, if you have tried growing succulents and failed, do not feel bad. You are not alone.

And if you want to be successful in growing succulents, you need to start it right.

Begin by understanding: 

  • what succulents are 
  • what makes them different from other plants
  • what they're good at and what often causes their destruction
  • know their greatest strength, as well as their greatest weakness

You’ll be amazed at how special they are.

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